St-Tropez – this small port that has become a myth – is now the international tourist capital that has contributed to the reputation of the French Riviera

Until the end of the 15th century, fishing and shipbuilding were the main activities of the city. Nowadays, in this small port, it is the yachts of billionaires who mingle with the fishermen’s pointy boats !

green boat for crossing the gulf
The entrance to the port in St-Trop

In order to enjoy at best the charm of this small village with its narrow streets full of flowers and warm colors, crossing the gulf by boat will allow you to arrive quickly and directly at the old port.

Saint-Tropez : a Roman legend.

In the year 68, Torpez (Nero’s steward) refused to abjure his Christian faith. He was tortured and killed in Pisa by the emperor.
His decapitated body was placed in a boat, thrown on the Arno. On board a rooster and a dog were supposed to devour him on board. When the Christians found the boat, the remains of the Holy Martyr had been abandoned by the two animals. They hid him and raised a chapel for him.
It was then that Torpez gave his name to Saint-Tropez.
The rooster, flying away with a sprig of linen, inspired the name of the nearby village of Cogolin (meaning “little rooster”). The dog, going to the bottom of the gulf, inspired that of Grimaud (which means “old dog”)!

St Tropez

For at least 3 hours, stroll through the norrow streets of this charming little village.

Stop at one of the harbour’s many terraces for coffee or ice cream.
Choose to stroll along the quays to admire the paintings of the painters as well as the sumptuous boats.

To be seen, to be visited :

  • The Ponche district : built on the waterfront, it used to be the heart of the village. This area gathers small colored alleyways and old fishermen’s houses in ochre, pink and orange colours.
  • The Place des Lices : in a 100% Provençal atmosphere, famous pétanque games are still played in the shade of the plane trees.
  • The citadel : dating back to the 17th century – one of the most visited historical and cultural sites in the Var. It houses the Maritime History Museum in its dungeon.
  • Church N.D. of the Assumption : built in 1784, it is one of the emblems of the city. In Italian Baroque style, it is recognizable by its bell tower surmounted by a campanile, in the ochre and Siena’s land colors.
  • The national gendarmerie: made famous thanks to the film “The Gendarme in St-Tropez” with Louis de Funès and Michel Galabru. It is now home to the St-Tropez Museum of Gendarmerie and Cinema.
  • The Museum of the Annunciade : with collections ranging from 1890 to 1950. Paintings by Derain, Matisse, Signac or Duffy are among the museum’s collection.