Do you dream of nature, flower gardens, beautiful flowers?
What if your dreams came true?
In an area where frangrance plants are a priority, come and stroll through the flowered alleys, wicker basket on your arm, straw hat on your head, apron tied around  your waist… learn how to pick them. But above all, let yourself be told their story, close your eyes, listen, breathe…touch.
Nothing will be the same after this experience!  

We are fortunate to live in an area where the climate favours the cultivation of perfume plants. Our local producers open their doors and welcome you to their land to share their passion. Our Master Perfumer (reservation required) will make you live an unforgettable and sensory experience. An initiation to the creation of a perfume: the knowledge of the plant, the picking, the extraction of the essences…

Pratically all year round, it will be possible to organize an olfactory walk and participate in a workshop around a plant. Do not hesitate to contact us and book your private day. We can also provide your flowery picnic basket each time.

Around Mimosa !

From January to March, thousands of small yellow balls illuminate and color our massifs, brightening our winter days.

Originally from Australia, the mimosa was introduced to Europe in the 19th century by the English wintering people.

The nature of the soil and the favorable climatic conditions will allow it to acclimatize easily and quickly. Very prolific, it will quickly invade our hills of Mandelieu, Tanneron and Croix des Gardes.

As a jelly, the mimosa invites itself to our table.
And if the perfume creation workshop tempts you….

Around Lavender !

From mid-June to mid-July, lavender flowers on the Valensole plateau.
But do you know the difference between fine lavender and lavendin?

The Valensole plateau, lavender fields-excursion

Nicknamed the “granaryr of the region” with its 800 km2, the Valensole plateau is mainly devoted to the cultivation of lavender and cereals.

workshop of creation of perfume - lavender field - excursion

To follow up on the olfactory walk, take part in a creative workshop: let yourself be guided in the composition of your Eau fraîche around lavender.

Join our Master Perfumer for an olfactory stroll and live a unique sensory experience. The secrets of lavender are revealed as you discover this very special terroir…

To perfect this day around lavender, I suggest you reserve your flowery picnic basket, prepared by chef Yves Terrillon of the Cuisine aux fleurs.


Around Jasmine !

From the month of August, thousands of little white stars bloom during the mild humid nights of the Pays-de-Grasse, and from dawn…

Transforming perfumed plants

Small fragile flowers, with a subtle fragrance, the jasmine will be meticulously picked, with precise and delicate gestures, then quickly delivered to the perfumery to be transformed into absolute.

Take your wicker basket and take part in the picking, you too… 

Creative workshop, with a Master Perfumer.