Discover the know-how of the winemakers and taste the nectar of the Gods. The vineyards of Nice or those of the Var department offer a large choice for our happiness. Visit the cellars and taste the 3 colours.


Depending on your choice (full day or half day), it will be possible to visit 2 or 3 wineries. Whether in the heights of Nice or in the Var department, our producers will welcome you for a visit of the cellars followed by a tasting of the three colours: red – white -rosé.

Bellet wine is the only urban vineyard with an AOC that is fully established in a large urban area. It is harvested in the only territory of the commune of Nice, on terraces that overlook, between 200 and 400 meters, the Valley of the Var.


For a unique experience, an expert in oenology (reservation required) will reveal the secrets of the winemakers.
A walk in the heart of the vineyards to learn the basics of growing grapes. Then a visit to the cellars, followed by a tasting of the three colors.
In the form of a workshop, you will learn how to describe its colour, discover the aromas….